How We Work

ALL ABOUT SPORTS takes an in-depth, dynamic approach to helping keep the athlete in play. We do this by very specifically addressing the playing position of the athlete and the respective injury.

Over eighteen years of experience in the sports field in massage and physical therapy leaves our competition in the dust when it comes to keeping the athlete on the field where it counts the most.

In-season, the goal is to keep the athlete from injury, re-injury, or surgical recovery using aggressive scar tissue techniques to improve range of motion and pain free play. The off-season is a terrific time for maintenance and complete recovery from an athletic injury, susceptibility to injury or surgery. We work in concert with coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists creating a team approach to keeping the athlete healthy. We love this type of work and it is in this arena where we excel.

It is our belief that any person seeking our help will benefit from our sports experience and training.

All About Sports offers a range of massage therapy services. We tailor each treatment to meet individual needs. We offer over eighteen years of combined physical therapy and massage therapy in sports.


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Homewood, AL  35209