ALL ABOUT SPORTS is proud to offer the following services:

Swedish Massage – Encompassing many techniques including kneading, friction and deep pressure to relax superficial muscles.

Deep Tissue – Slower, deeper pressure techniques to release chronic muscle tension.

Neuromuscular – intense therapy concentrating on muscles that spasm and cause pain in another muscle.

Sports Massage – Specifically addresses issues related to a particular sport using a combination of all the above therapies plus stretching and joint movement to enhance performance and recovery.

Myofascial Release Therapy – Manually stretches the fascial tissues surrounding the muscles. Fascia is sheets of connective tissue surrounding muscle and structures in the body to provide support.

Fitness Training – Available on an hourly basis or package of 18 sessions. Packages include a printed, personalized exercise program and One on One instruction. Core Challenge and Flexibility movements are an integral part of this training.


2709 Mamie Foster Drive
Homewood, AL  35209